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Come and visit the far east of the Western world! Here you will find a warm and welcoming spot filled with a unique culture and heritage that we are proud to share with others. In our province we have a saying, “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet!” Come to a place where the air is clean, our rivers clear and the outdoors pristine – truly Unspoiled. 


What a land mass we have too – the Island portion of our province, Newfoundland, is 44,000 square miles with just 480,000 people, and the mainland portion, Labrador, is 113,000 square miles and only 30,000 inhabitants. Pristine, untouched areas to explore where you can admire nature at her finest await you in Newfoundland and Labrador. Pure and clear rivers and lakes teeming with wild fish – moose and caribou grazing leisurely with majestic mountains as a back drop – black bears foraging through a painters paradise – all this and more you will find at our back door.


The experience offered by our members can be tailor made to suit your desires. Looking for a bow-hunting excursion? No problem. How about a combination Trophy Hunt for you to boast about on your return home? Looking for a fly in lodge to offer a truly wilderness getaway? Are you a fisher with a spey rod to try? Or how about a few days ptarmigan shooting – just mention it to your outfitter and they will give you suggestions on making your trip nothing but the best it can be. 

Our various members offer a range of excursions. Some are accessible by air only – others are accessible by road. Many operators have movable tent camps to ensure you find your game and some offer a luxurious lodge environment. Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans are known for their great cooking, so be prepared for some wonderful feasts. Whether your outfitter provides gourmet cuisine or good home style cooking, you won’t be able to say we sent you home hungry! 

Your Newfoundland or Labrador outfitter will provide you with a package price for your excursion to our province. They will give you details on what to bring, what they include in their package price, any taxes applicable, how to get to their area, all license requirements and they will have an up to date knowledge of all rules and regulations on everything need to know. The outfitters, together with their experienced staff, will ensure you have a high quality, safe trip – full of the magic only our province can offer. 


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