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Newfoundland and Labrador can be reached via major airline carriers or charters through our network of domestic and international airports. Drivers can access Labrador through Quebec and across the Trans-Labrador Highway. Marine Atlantic services the Island portion of our province with state of art super ferries into two major ports, one on the East coast and one on the West. Your Outfitter can help you plan the best route.

The thick Boreal Forests and expansive sub-arctic tundra that make this the wild paradise it is, are the result of a varied climate. The deep snows of Labrador melt into the rivers and lakes that give life to giant Atlantic Salmon and Trout. The relatively milder temperatures in winter and summer on the Island of Newfoundland are the ideal nursery for healthy moose, black bear, and Woodland Caribou populations and rivers and lakes teeming with wild Atlantic salmon and several trout species.

In Spring and Fall expect crisp mornings and occasional frost at night. Summer is warm, but visitors should always be prepared for any situation. Each of our Outfitters offers a unique experience and you should check with them on how best to prepare for a comfortable and successful adventure.

You are allowed to bring your personal firearms with you. This includes your rifles and/ or shotguns and Archery equipment. International travellers will have to declare firearms at the border along with any tobacco or alcohol. Cannabis products, while legal to possess and purchase in all of Canada, are not permitted to cross into Canada over the border. Your Outfitter will provide all the necessary paperwork for your visit with your Hunt Contract. Completing this in advance should reduce your time clearing customs. A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms

listed on the declaration. If you come with others who will be using firearms in Canada, you will each need to meet these requirements.

For personal use, non-residents can import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes. If you are flying, most airlines have weight restrictions for ammunition. Check with your outfitter for the cost and availability of your required ammo in the area you will be hunting. In most areas you can find the more common calibers from local retailers.

Your Outfitter can arrange processing and packaging of any meat or trophies you wish to bring home and will arrange of the donation of any meat you don’t take with you to local food banks. They can also arrange for local taxidermy services and shipping.

Your Outfitter is the best resource to answer any questions you have during any phase of your adventure planning. From the beginning of the idea to the trip home, NLOA Outfitters are committed to making your trip the adventure of a lifetime.

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